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Hotel “Kalypso”, location Agios Nikitas – Lefkada island

The village of Agios Nikitas is located in a small bay with crystal clear water on the northwest side of Lefkada.

Here you can enjoy the natural environment. The pine trees and the cypresses co-exist with the white seaside rocks and the endless blue of the Ionian Sea.

Agios Nikitas is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches of the world, such as “Milos”, “Pefkoulia”, “Kathisma”, “Egremnoi” and “Porto Katsiki”.
For all these reasons, it is the ideal place for holidays, relaxation and swimming.

Distances fro the most famous beaches :

Milos : 700 m

Pefkoulia : 1.5 km

Kathisma : 4.5 km

Egremni : 25 km

Porto Katsiki : 31 km

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